Kind of gotten stuck together now

We all share the same house, gone on trips to Vietnam and Malacca, wash our…

It’s 1 in the morning, so naturally, I ramble.

Dear whoever’s awake (or anyone who would read this at a sane time), It’s raining…

August 2017 in photos

This month’s surprisingly diverse, but here you go.

My heart is full of Banh Mi

The photoset which, like the post before this, is also without photos of the food…

Flew in for the Pho

There were a few things that changed after moving to Singapore: how I viewed and…

July 2017 in photos

I realize that July isn’t over yet, but I’m decluttering my feed. It makes sense…

I miss our soulmate

Happy anniversary, my love. We will be back soon to visit you, I promise.

June 2017 in Photos

Some moods are hard to change

Live through this And you won’t Look Back.

What’s keeping us busy

It’s a pretty nifty method of transport, so yeah