London, 2016, using a Canon 600D

2016 in London was trying to consolidate what I was feeling versus what was really happening at the time: I just started a new job focusing in banking, I was with a family that I kind of walk around on eggshells with, and I just experienced my first transatlantic flight. Reaching Heathrow was all sorts of relief, but walking around London, while it was lovely, was strangely disorientating. Maybe because a part of me keeps exclaiming whenever I would see landmark sites, but after a while, it just becomes…just what it is – a clean and intimidating city in Europe.

But I judged a little too quick – I didn’t wait for London to unravel. For us, it meant visiting the outskirts – Camden, Notting hill, looking at the scene after watching theatre at the West End. I felt like a disillusioned banker (if I ever understand how they feel, which maybe puts me at 5%) – same bright lights, same tall buildings, just different city. But come evening and you’re who you want to really be without your math and finance.

London knew how to make up for it, however. It made me experience my first Pride Parade with the Love of My Life and I could not better explain in words how it made us feel like strangers yet still at home in a city that made us feel loved for who we really are, even if it was just for a day.

In this gallery: London Pride 2016, Natural History Museum, Some record store at Notting Hill, Canterbury Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Camden