Japan, 2018, using a Canon 600D

Japan inflamed in me a dormant dream I did not realise: that I am in love with snowy mountains and sliding on it.

But my idea of Japan was different: while from fresh seafood to otakus, it certainly didn’t disappoint; what I didn’t expect is how wonderful and majestic it was to see snow for the first time and to see them in the mountains of the Niigata prefecture.

The first time we alighted the bullet train at Gala Yuzawa, we magically stepped unto a fairytale: my mind couldn’t comprehend how a one and a half hour travel by train from Tokyo could just transport me to a breathtaking view. The dimly lit train station has humbly given way to the backdrop outside, and what’s waiting for us was the view of snow-capped mountains glistening at 7pm where the last moments of the sun were fighting off the impending nightfall. I must have held my breath for god knows how long as it was almost painful to let go, like breathing out would somehow blow it all away.