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Just got back from Hong Kong and as I am now sitting with two other…

Just got back from Hong Kong and as I am now sitting with two other guys in the office I’ve developed a new pastime: talking about our favorite analysts on Bloomberg. Raj always gets excited with his favorite reporter Annmarie Hordern when she gets on; Simon likes the commentary but also likes Annmarie.

This is mine:

Obviously I can get subjective because she is nice to look at, but she does deliver sound analysis. Also I like listening to their reporter David Ingles try to pull random inside jokes that nobody gets. Watching him die inside a little bit is fun.

If you are in an office and you need some random noise in the background, I highly suggest playing Bloomberg mostly because you have a tendency to pick up new information. Anyway.

Hong Kong after 3 years: nothing much has changed. I was last there twice in 2015 and the landscape not changing much is very comforting. Going there for work for 4 days however – quite a bit fun. There’s a LOT of walking around that I thought my Singapore-trained feet would last in heels, but apparently not. I gave up after one meeting and promptly wore flats the rest of the days. The heels just took up space in my luggage.

Hong Kong tired me as someone who went there for work, but charmed me the moment 6pm started. I didn’t extend for long to enjoy the weekend, but there’s a lot of good things to do:

    – SoHo drinks on a Tuesday night;
    – running to get new pairs of kicks on another night;
    – boarding a small yacht-type boat and going around the islands of Hong Kong while getting drunk on a weekday;
    – getting beers in a 360 degree bar in one of the towers in central then finding a beer pong bar near my hotel and exchanging random stories with the locals, before finding myself running to another bar 10 minutes away that’s so discreet, it may as well have been a drug den.

All good stuff.

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