happy keeping quiet anniversary

In commemoration of this event, I am posting a not so recent photo of my…

In commemoration of this event, I am posting a not so recent photo of my self because hey, I haven’t posted a photo of just me in a long time. I’m supposed to do this technically in August since my last Twitter post is pretty much around that time, but for some reason my website server sent me my renewal late April, which I distinctly remember is supposed to happen every June – I think they’re getting at something here, but I don’t really mind. I was also supposed to quit them but I just became too lazy to find a new server, so here we are. Another year with hellothisisjc.com and an almost year of being silent on social media (mostly twitter and instagram – I still use FB because I need to be in touch with people) and here we are.

I’m trying to reflect if anything has changed at all. Maybe a bit less on the unnecessary noise, I think. My brain is still full of things that I automatically think I SHOULD post about but I just either utter to the wind or I message C about, then forget about it. It’s a year of readjusting telling myself my thoughts don’t matter or are not needed unless asked or really prompted, because seriously, who needs to know about how someone on the train pissed me off today?

Exactly that – maybe I have contributed to making the internet less polluted. I usually don’t have control over where my random unneeded thoughts go – which can be both scary and bothering at the same time, and that means I could be flooding up someone’s timeline with something negative. I could be ruining someone’s day by proxy. With the exception of my blog maybe, because if you are here and reading this – then you ARE making a point to visit my thoughts and maybe you should have enough filters to arm yourself. Hopefully my sporadic posts don’t bring anything negative.

So here we are. 1 year off social media (2 years tbh if we count that I started abandoning instagram), 1 year of taking photos just for myself or for C, 1 year of keeping my outbursts to myself and 1 year of realising not everything should be online and not everything should have a reaction or a subtweet. That I should choose the few battles I should fight for instead of everything I thought I should give a piece of my mind about.

I guess it does feel better. I’m sincerely hoping it lasts.

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