Get lost with me.

My euphemism for wanting to go around alone and be left to my disorganized thoughts,…

My euphemism for wanting to go around alone and be left to my disorganized thoughts, is now “photo-walk.” C rolls her eyes at this, and hopes, if not insists to join me, but later on she would let me do my own thing. There’s too much crowded thoughts I needed to clear.

And what do you know, I’m already lost enough in my thoughts as it is, and I still sort of get lost around the city anyway.

A welcome kind of lost, however. Let me show you Kent Ridge Park.

This place is a beauty, and allows you to see some of the ports in Singapore. I find it very…contradictory, mostly, to find ports nestled where there are residences basking in the same beautiful landscape. But then, I often forget that since Singapore is pretty small, keeping separate the business and residential areas is not a luxury they can always have. They can, however, create highly effective ports that can conduct business without really bothering the nearby areas.

I remember looking at these ports back when we visited Singapore in 2012, on our way to Sentosa, I think. I remember thinking, wow, they look efficient even from afar.

Place is a little annoying for photos though as the trees are everywhere.

Also. Went around Vivo just to take this shot of Sentosa. I have nearly forgotten how much of a pleasure it is to work with RAW files, but I have only 4GB for my SD card. huhu

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