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Just got back from the dog run with this little one. Made a commitment to…

Just got back from the dog run with this little one. Made a commitment to bring him to the dog run more often because he’s losing touch with his dog side, and have lately been favoring human companionship than dogs. While it seems like it’s a good idea for some, I’d rather that he’s well adjusted as a dog–so you can imagine how happy I was to find him this afternoon going after the other dogs instead of simply trying to get me to throw a ball at him and play with him alone Three dog park trips in two months and he now remembers how to properly socialize.

Also really glad to find that his skin looks much better after his bath today. Tough week for him as he’s been having skin allergies and we were hoping it fixes on its own, rather than having to bring him to the doctor again. I guess these are the small victories when you’re older and have no kids–it’s not about the stories of Friday or Saturday night, it’s more about wishing your dog comes out of issues easy and you avoid trips to the vet again. Really helpful as well that C and I have made a log of all the shampoos, medicines and skin creams Charley’s been prescribed, because this shampoo he’s using is an absolute magic, and it was prescribed to him back when we were in Manila. Hard to track in Singapore but good to know there are some stores that carry it. If your dog happens to have skin issues, drop me an email and I’ll be glad to refer.

Anyway. Here’s to small victories that matter. Good night.

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