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I have a secret: there are two reasons that excite me when I go to…

I have a secret: there are two reasons that excite me when I go to dragon boat trainings on the weekends. One is, well, dragon boat trainings+being with everyone, and two, is this view:

There is something so oddly satisfying about catching up on your breath and gazing at these structures while sitting on a boat in the middle of the river. Everybody sees them from the roads, but not everyone gets to see them while sitting on a boat. Imagine that feeling of extreme vulnerability coming from being so spent exerting all your effort from training, and then you look up and you have these beautiful views inspiring you.

I daydream about these architecture. I thought, one day maybe I’ll be able to share to everyone how it looks from where I’m sitting.

Last Saturday, I got the chance to bring my DSLR to sea and photograph my dragon boat team, the Filipino Dragons Singapore. I’ve joined the Creative and Design Committee this year led by George, and he’s been pressuring me to come up with ideas for team photos, lol. We’ve also been revamping the website, and while we’re scrapping photos from old files, we figured it’s time for new ones. And we’ve not been as courageous to bring DSLRs to training before, so here’s a chance to prove that, hey, maybe I won’t drop my camera in the water after all.

So the Captains strapped a drum and a chair to one of the boats, and I sat in front of the team that’s training for the earliest competition of the year. I managed to strap myself in and prepare myself for the boat jerks, but it turned out that it’s relatively easy to stay on the chair as long as I make sure I flow with the boat’s movements. I start alternately taking photos and videos of the team, and I thought, hey I could get used to this. This is awesome.

But after a few minutes, we cross the Kallang Bridge, and this view comes to.

And. I could barely contain myself.

There I was sitting in front of the boat, losing myself in those structures, and then realizing that “inspiring” wasn’t fully cutting it when I’ve been gazing at these views before. But rather, sitting in front of a team who are pushing every energy and might they could to improve themselves at every opportunity in synchronicity to achieve great things together, while paving through rough currents under the heat of the sun–THAT, is inspiring.

And you put that side by side with the beauty of Singapore’s Marina area, I couldn’t help but almost choke down a few almost tears, lol

My team is beautiful and powerful and inspiring and I’ve never realized how much until now.

a little extra: basic editing of our water training. See it here:

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