I guess they call this a “life update”

Hello, this is JC. If you’re here, you either know me from my past life,…

Hello, this is JC. If you’re here, you either know me from my past life, or you’re new and stalking (and if you’re the latter, please, don’t let me know).

It’s been 4 years. My last post was in 2019.

Wow. Who would have thought.

I guess I’ve gotten too comfortable with not updating everyone with everything and have mostly kept my thoughts to myself. I stopped updating my personal socials in 2018, and while I have been keeping myself moderately updated with things, I simply never found much need to update people about where I am or what I have been doing—both online and offline.

To a degree, it’s been therapeutic. There’s a lot of personal evaluation that happened in terms of how much I valued privacy, not only for my personal life, but also about my thoughts. It was so much easier to contain things than constantly apologise for any outbursts, but at the same time, I had time to mull things over rather than simply posting anything online. In a way though, it’s been a bit lonely, because when I used to have an online circle I kept in touch with, it became sporadic, and it removed the opportunities to pick up quick random discussions on the fly.

Anyway, I meant to tell you I’m in New Zealand now. Uprooted the fam and moved to the furthest south. Not city-wise, since I still remained on the North Island, but still the ass of the world, as one of my ex-colleagues lovingly claims.

Well, for a place that’s supposedly the ass of the world, it’s pretty charming. It has its things it needs to work on, but I guess all countries do.

Mt Ruapehu area
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand

As always, all pictures mine. Take it like a postcard, if you will.

Anyway. I guess I was just getting lonely and thought to send a smoke signal to the world. Not necessarily a distress signal, more like just a small sign that there’s life on the little island I’m in.

I hope you’ve been keeping well,

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  • A

    Wait, what??? You’re subscribed to my RSS feed??? That’s awesome hahahaha what have you been up to lately? I heard Marthy and Kaye are now in Indonesia, too. Your network’s getting small 🙁 I might be in PH in March–will message you, let’s grab a beer~

  • Jay Aggabao

    Kia Ora Gracey. Wow, a good number of people I knew from college ended up leaving across the world. Thank God for RSS feeds. Chat with you soon dear – Jay

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