Some things a decade can’t change

We all met pretty much before 2009, but got to hang out a lot around…

We all met pretty much before 2009, but got to hang out a lot around that year. Or maybe including late 2008. We’ve met through the weirdest channels online but found kindred souls in each other.

Andrea was one of the people I then have looked up to – her and her then partner who have been together for quite some time. I always thought, should I meet the love of my life, I have to learn to love the calm. They’ve always been quite steady and soft, perhaps with less of the turbulence a new love brings in. Nayna was a bit of the opposite, being composed half the time but running after passions the next. She hasn’t quite figured out then what type of world she wanted and that’s okay; later on she would move to an island down south and live quite a bohemian lifestyle, where she would meet the love of her life (her lovely dog, Kap) and then later on move on to other bigger things.

We’ve bonded over literature, cheap finds and arts. We never did discuss Rilke or Neruda, but we knew which stories stimulated us and often they came in other forms – graphic novels, photos, bubbles, even CD compilations we swapped.

Later on I would focus more on my life with C but we would keep in touch; Nayna and Andrea would still see each other but we would have our own separate lives.

10 years after almost not seeing each other (with exception of Nayna, as she’s been here in Singapore a lot lately), this is the friendship that speaks volumes but in hushed tones. As we gathered in one of the colourful tables in front of Lau Pa Sat, the city’s only surviving street food district, we picked up where we left off and added a few more stories, just like we never left. Andrea has become single since and reinvented herself, made a name in arts, crafts and other passions. Nayna has left the island life and started multiple ventures with her current partner, who incidentally happened to be my childhood (by childhood, it’s really just university days) hero, who used to be the editor in chief of a music magazine. She is now the EIC of a travel magazine while based in Singapore, hence why Nayna’s often around.

It’s also funny to note that C never met Andrea in person but they’ve bonded more online. Yet when we all sat down and started on our stories, it’s interesting how it just felt easy. I suppose, when you’re in that type of maturity that you know how some friendships work, you can easily sit down with someone even if you’re never seen then for 10 years and move each other again without needing heavy commitment. You just…be.

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