*Mercer Bay, New Zealand

Raised near the outskirts of Manila, JC grew up being more comfortable with writing her thoughts more than saying them, which led to rather interesting outcomes. She started online blogging in 2001 using multiple platforms, but finally consolidated them into the domain hellothisisjc.com in 2012.

She started picking up photography after her father gave her his own Nikon FM10 film camera, but after moving to digital in 2004, she has started to incorporate elements of film into her work and have relied on her DSLR ever since. She has published works as a writer with her school new paper, Heraldo Filipino, and a now defunct lifestyle magazine in Manila called MTV Ink, a local subsidiary of the international music television channel, MTV. 

Currently, JC works as a headhunter in the technology space spanning the trans-tasman areas, usually focusing on the data space. She is based in New Zealand. This is a collection of random thoughts and works and everything in between.

You can reach out to her by sending her an email at hello@hellothisisjc.com.