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Feeling a bit weird today, but it may just be the fact that Christmas is just around the corner – hence emotions are around the corner. This year, Christmas means a small white plastic tree in the corner and a string of flags in green and red just below the alcohol  shelf (comes with our insistence that we’re all mature adults hence we need an alcohol shelf in full display). It also comes with years of emotional baggage that we don’t usually talk about in the open. C is a bit excited that we’re celebrating the days with her family for the first time (and the first time for her in years). I’m just a bit sad we won’t get to bring Charley with us because we’re out of Singapore then.

Probably also felt a bit weird since it’s a Monday, but then I always feel that way anyway, so what’s new.

Anyway – friends dropping by Singapore in two weeks; Christmas trip in December; overdue friends hotel camp-in in January; heading to Manila to slap my best friend silly in January; birthday trip for C in February. I probably need to get going and make more money to fund all these trips, lol. Be right back.


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